What other moms have to say about working with me

“Rachel is great and I enjoyed working with her. She is tough, smart, friendly, warm, understanding and determined. I would highly recommend her and I hope to work with her again some day!” –LeighAnn S.


“I decided to work with Rachel as I needed guidance & support to achieve my fitness & health goals. She listened to my needs & developed a personalized plan that was appropriate for my life. She provided the accountability coaching that I needed to be successful. As a result I became more confident in my abilities & achievements & I was very happy with the progress that I made. I would highly recommend Rachel as a wellness coach.” — Annemarie N.

Jen H

 “Many years ago, after I had my son, I decided to do something for myself. I had never done any exercising and felt that I was not worthy. I couldn’t even do one sit up! I was so lucky to find Rachel. She changed my life in so many ways. Within a few months, I found myself wanting to exercise! I felt stronger both physically and emotionally. I was not only lifting weights and jumping rope, but I also had more stamina and felt more alive. I was beginning to really enjoy my life with my young son. I was able to keep up and play outside and run around with him. Rachel helped me find the confidence that I never knew that I had. Now I love to sweat and workout out really hard and I am planking like a pro!”

— Jennifer H.


“After having 2 kids and being 100 pounds over weight, I had no confidence to even know where to start. I did what I could on my own but I knew I needed help.  Rachel worked with me to get back my confidence and to push me to do more than I thought I could. As I work with Rachel to continue to my goal, she challenges me to think about things that I couldn’t get elsewhere. She provides ideas for ways to move and to change it up a bit. She is also a positive influence on making good choices, celebrating successes and learning from failures. Rachel has taught me a lot and I am very lucky to have found her when I did.” 

— Theresa C.

 “I started working with Rachel because I needed guidance and wanted it from someone who was on the same page as I am (busy mom!). When I first started I felt overwhelmed, but quickly gained confidence from Rachel’s reassurance that I didn’t have to be perfect.  After completing the program I find myself more comfortable with meal prep, making healthy food choices, and taking time out just for me.   I look forward to joining other programs Rachel has to offer.  I would highly recommend this program to any Mom out there who needs help in getting back on track.”
— Carla C.

“I had tried just about every diet/fitness program out there and had yet to find true success. Rachel’s focus on the mind-body connection was an approach that was new to me-and it worked!  I’ve gained strategies that are sustainable and will help me to accomplish my goal of being a healthy, fit, balanced mom.” 

— Kathryn G.

“Working with Rachel on my personal wellness plan was a breath of fresh air.  Rachel understands the challenges that women face when trying to balance various aspects of their professional and personal lives. She is kind and gentle, but also holds her clients accountable and asks the tough questions.  Her program is helpful for those just testing the waters into their wellness journey, and to those who are ready for more in-depth work.  If you are tired of the ‘eat less-exercise more’ model, then Rachel is absolutely the coach for you!” 

–Michelle S.

“Self-care, as a mom, can often be a daunting task! With Rachel’s program, I was able to change some of my less effective habits and develop so newer, more simple, and completely beneficial ones! As a result of her reflective questions and check-ins, I have a lot more ‘tools’ to take better care of myself so that I can take better care of my family!”

— Sheila D.