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Hi, I’m Rachel.

(Have we not met yet? You can read my story here.)

Listen, I get it. 

You’ve heard of (and tried) lots of fitness programs and diet plans. You’ve read a bunch of helpful books and articles on healthy living. Maybe your RESULTS have been anywhere from non-existent to good but NOTHING HAS STUCK.  You’re tired of searching for that NEXT BEST THING because you have a life! You have lunches to make, bathrooms to clean, gum to cut out of hair, etc. You wish that living a healthy lifestyle could just be an effortless habit but it seems ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE sometimes because there has always been SOMETHING MISSING.

I get it.

I have a family, a house that doesn’t clean itself, a business, kids’ sports practices, school projects, grocery lists, bills, rare nights out with friends and an occasionally irrational toddler.

This is LIFE. It is not glamorous or perfect. It is real, full, messy and beautiful.

We sometimes use real life as an excuse to be unhealthy.

It is not a good reason!

You CAN be where you want to be and I am here to help you.

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