Your 5 Day Fitness Makeover


Learn how to design a healthy routine that works FOR YOU and fits in with YOUR FAMILY’S busy schedule.

This is a fitness challenge unlike what you’ve seen before. What makes it different? Instead of giving you workouts  that you may do once (or never), I’m going to teach you my process of designing a routine that will actually FIT into your current, real, busy life.

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Here’s what I’ll be covering:

Day 1: Wrapping your mind around fitness.

Day 2: Defining wellness on your own terms, clarifying what you truly want for yourself and why it’s important to you.

Day 3:  Getting real with your expectations  and schedule, dealing with discouragement that goes along with the mama schedule juggle.

Day 4: Regrouping without guilt

Day 5: Getting the right kind of support that you need to succeed.


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Hi, I’m Rachel.

I’m a Wellness Strategist, Fitness Professional and Mom of 3 crazy, awesome boys.

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