Kickstart your Positive Mindset in 7 Days
ecourse for moms
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Why is mindset training important?

Your thoughts can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

As a busy (sometimes overwhelmed) mom, taking any time for ourselves can cause guilty or stressful feelings to come up. It’s easy for the negative thoughts to creep in and make us feel defeated when it just doesn’t seem like we can fit in one more thing.

Did you know that negative emotions can trigger the stress response in the body, which makes it harder to lose weight or build muscle? Negative thoughts can actually keep you from your fitness or wellness goal!

But, guess what? YOU are in control. YOU make your mindset work for you and not against you. You just need the right tools. (It’s a little more complicated than “thinking happy thoughts” but it’s not rocket science!) Learn what you need to know in this 7 day mini-ecourse!

Kickstart your Positive Mindset in 7 Days

Here’s what you’ll get from this ecourse

  • “Kickstart Your Positive Mindset: A 7 Day Guide for Moms” (ebook download)
  • Daily email containing an affirmation and PRACTICAL action item for that day
  • Daily audio lesson explaining and giving insight on each day’s affirmation and action item