Focused Fit Camp
12 week fat blasting program

Is this you?

Are you on a never-ending quest for the next best diet or fitness plan? Are you constantly starting over? As much as you desire this healthy and fit lifestyle, deep down, are you convinced that you can’t have it because it’s just too much dang work?

Bummer thought #1: In order to get into the physical shape that I want, I have to dedicate a lot of time to a strict workout routine and it’s not realistic to fit that into my life.

Bummer thought #2: I have tried so many times to implement a fitness routine and I always fall off the wagon. Why can’t I make it work?

Bummer thought #3: In order to be healthy, I have to give up wheat, sugar, dairy, saturated fat and all processed foods. I wish I could do that, but I can’t sustain that for more than a few hours! There’s no point in trying.

Bummer thought #4: I see other people do it, but I just can’t. There must be something wrong with me. So forget it.

In my 7 years of training experience, I have worked with hundreds of people who just want to find a fitness routine they can sustain as a long-term healthy habit.  The problem is not the lack of good gyms or trainers or workout DVDs. Most often, the problem is that whatever it is that they choose, does not fit in realistically with their normal, every day, crazy busy real life.


What if…

You could get the benefits of hours of exercise in a shorter amount of time that you could easily schedule into even the busiest week?

What if you approached food with relaxation and enjoyment instead of guilt and stress?

You had personalized safety net of support to consistently offer encouragement, provide accountability so that you could not fail?

That would be pretty great, right?

Keep Running

Introducing Focused Fit Camp!

Focused Fit Camp is a 12 week online program designed for busy people who desire to form healthy habits but aren’t willing to turn their lives upside down to achieve it.  We’ve all been there and done that and we’re over it because…..real life.

Eat more. Workout less. See results.

The inspiration for FFC are the 3 E’s: Efficiency, Enjoyment and Encouragement.

Efficiency (The Workouts) High Intensity Interval Training (also known as HIIT) 20-30 minute workouts 2-3 times per week. An effective workout plan that requires you to put in minimal amount of time (but max effort) and conditions your body to burn fat long after your workout is over as you go about the rest of your normal day.

Enjoyment (The Food) The Yummy Food Plan, which is customized based entirely on food that you and your family enjoy. An easy food plan that doesn’t require you to cut out ANYTHING but does require you to relax and enjoy your food and learn how to make it work in conjunction with your workouts and your body’s natural rhythms.

Encouragement (The Support)  Weekly check ins and support calls with me so that we make sure that it continues to be efficient and enjoyable, and when it’s not – we fix it. Flexible meeting times so that you don’t have to rearrange your day to meet up with a trainer.

What’s the time commitment?


2-3 days per week: 20-30 minutes workout time (exact workout schedule depends on your unique situation and we will plan together each week on our call.)

1 day per week: 10-20 minutes of focused organization, planning and list making.

1 day per week: 30 minute accountability and encouragement call with me

Less than 3 hours per week total you can make HUGE changes!


(Yes, it does take some organization and planning. But compared to everything else you have to manage in a day, this is easy peasy planning-wise.)

Your Focused Fit Camp experience includes:

*One prep week before we get started with the workout plan! During this week, you’ll be able to watch the yummy food plan video, review plan guidelines, go grocery shopping, and start some initial schedule planning. During this time you’ll also be able to watch the video workshop on goal setting and creating a vision statement, which will help keep you focused as you go through the program.

*A detailed intake form for me to assess your fitness level and determine the appropriate exercise plan for you.

*Weekly 30 minute accountability one on one Zoom (video chat) call with me. The purpose is to review the week, clarify what is coming up the following week and for me to provide you assistance with any barriers that are coming up for you. Email and chat support (at specified times) in between calls.

*2-3 short, intense workouts per week which will be sent to you via Google Docs (this is a shared file that we’ll both be able to edit during the week so I will be able to see how you’re doing and give you feedback if it’s needed between calls.)  Pictures, videos and explanation of each move will be included. These exercises require no equipment and very little physical space. You can choose whatever days and times work for you to do the actual workouts, the only rule is that they are not on consecutive days since your body will need time for recovery between workouts,

You will need a timing method – stopwatch works perfectly well and there are tons of free apps that you can download.

*Time management templates  to help you decide how to fit in workouts, self care and food planning based on your schedule

*Food planning templates both individual and family- what’s for dinner, yummy food plan guidelines, grocery list template.

*Extra freebies: 30 ways to practice self-care, Video workshop: Creating a vision statement and setting a realistic goal. Video workshop: yummy food plan guidelines.


Join Focused Fit Camp today for a one time investment of $457 or 3 monthly payments of $157.

How is Focused Fit Camp different?

Other “at home” programs leave you on your own. Here are a bunch of workouts, have fun! We know that it’s just not that simple. And discouragement and frustration can be a total motivation killer. Encouragement and accountability is built into the system because I am with you every step of the way. Your weekly workouts guarantee that you’re working at the appropriate level. If something isn’t working or you feel like you’re starting to lose your mojo there’s no chance that you’ll give up or fizzle because I am here to help you over that hurdle.

Other programs include strict food guidelines. We don’t do that. This is not meant to be a short term diet where you lose some weight then gain it all back because it’s  not sustainable. This is real life and we’re owning that! No counting calories or feeling guilty over a piece of cake or a glass of wine. There is a better way, it’s called savoring your food. Following the yummy food plan guidelines, you’ll learn to listen to your body and meet its needs without stressing over it!


Why now?

Well, it would be obvious to do the whole new year, new you stuff. (So there’s that, if you’re into that.)

This program is totally self contained so you don’t even have to leave the warmth of your house to venture outside for a run or even to your car to go to the gym. Do it now, feel better sooner. It’s pretty simple.

Why not now? While everyone is setting resolutions that they are unlikely to keep you’ll be implementing little habits that will make a huge difference.

In 12 weeks, we’ll be even closer to summer!  We’ll be getting ready to shed some layers and won’t it be nice to feel confident in what is hiding under the layers of sweaters?

Not sure this program is right for you?

Email me at with any questions!

Ready to go?

Join Focused Fit Camp today for a one time investment of $457 or 3 monthly payments of $157.

After puchasing, you’ll receive an email from me with your prep week materials and instructions on how to set up our first encouragement & accountability call!

If you have any questions in the meantime, I can be reached by email at and I will get back to you right away!


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