Fitness that fits

A lot of moms jump to fitness as their answer to not feeling good about their bodies and wanting to change something. It's understandable why we do that. When we turn on the tv and social media and ads, we're bombarded with marketing for various exercise plans showing people who have had tremendous success and we think we want that success too so we try it. Why do we focus so hard on fitness as the part of our wellness that will make us happy?..... Continue Reading

It’s a trap!

There's a phrase that I hear a lot of moms say. Maybe you've said it, I know I have. But I am here to warn you, it's a trap. If this phrase reflects a belief that you hold, you are setting yourself up to be stuck where you are. And that phrase is....drumroll.... Continue Reading

Holey sneakers and traffic safety

Yesterday we were doing one of our training runs through our neighborhood and I was doing the mom thing where I kept telling him to stay on the inside of the sidewalk so I was on the outside closer to the traffic. He finally asked me why I kept saying this. It's one of those things that's so instinctual that I don't even realize it so it strikes me as odd when he asks WHY I am doing it. Continue Reading

Need a perspective shift? Ask your kid!

One thing that continues to surprise and humble me on a regular basis the capacity my kids seem to have to love me. I have my moments of unloveable-ness (un-loveability?) for sure. Some days (many days) I feel like a non-stop yell machine and I end my day feeling annoyed with myself for the tone I used helping my 4th grader with his homework or reminding my 2nd grader for gazillionth time to put his shoes away. Continue Reading

You Management

You've had those moments when the kids are all settled in bed for the day, the house is quiet and all you want to do is collapse on the couch and watch Netflix but you have this voice saying "do the dishes, fold the laundry...." You give in one way or the other, but either way you feel that you're neglecting something.... Continue Reading