Who am I now?

The information out there is simply overwhelming. Where do you even start? We can get so caught up in marketing that we don't know which end is up. We're trying to set a vision of our desire for the future and we're overlooking the value of the present in the process... Continue Reading

Why resolutions suck.

Maybe you've been one of these people before. I certainly have been. There have been several times when I have used this idea that sometime in the future I plan to put healthy habits in place as an excuse to continue bad habits NOW even though I know I am just hurting myself.... Continue Reading

I can’t

It's one of those things that slips out without us even thinking about the meaning. As you may know, if you've worked with me, I like to get to the root of things and analyze the problem in order to solve it. Yes, sometimes you really can't, as in "I can't go back in time", but most of the time that is not the case. "I can't" can mean many different things and it's so important to understand this.... Continue Reading

Battle Scars and Stretchy Pants

Later driving home I thought "hmm..exactly what is a mom of three supposed to look like?" I am not sure, but I thought that I was glad I hadn't been wearing the "stretched out waistband" pants because then maybe she would have said "you look exactly like you've had three kids" and it would not have been a compliment.... Continue Reading