Holey sneakers and traffic safety

Yesterday we were doing one of our training runs through our neighborhood and I was doing the mom thing where I kept telling him to stay on the inside of the sidewalk so I was on the outside closer to the traffic. He finally asked me why I kept saying this. It's one of those things that's so instinctual that I don't even realize it so it strikes me as odd when he asks WHY I am doing it. Continue Reading

Need a perspective shift? Ask your kid!

One thing that continues to surprise and humble me on a regular basis the capacity my kids seem to have to love me. I have my moments of unloveable-ness (un-loveability?) for sure. Some days (many days) I feel like a non-stop yell machine and I end my day feeling annoyed with myself for the tone I used helping my 4th grader with his homework or reminding my 2nd grader for gazillionth time to put his shoes away. Continue Reading

Who am I now?

The information out there is simply overwhelming. Where do you even start? We can get so caught up in marketing that we don't know which end is up. We're trying to set a vision of our desire for the future and we're overlooking the value of the present in the process... Continue Reading

Why resolutions suck.

Maybe you've been one of these people before. I certainly have been. There have been several times when I have used this idea that sometime in the future I plan to put healthy habits in place as an excuse to continue bad habits NOW even though I know I am just hurting myself.... Continue Reading