It’s ok to be a beginner

Here's what I discovered about watching a bunch of 6-8 year olds play baseball. They're not all that good at it. I don't say that to be mean or snarky. It just kinda true. They're little kids. They play for a couple of hours a week. They mess up a lot. Also, they forget stuff. How to hold the bat, which way to run, who to throw the ball to.... Continue Reading

Finding gratitude in the chaos

Total honest moment, I have been feeling a little sorry for myself lately. The great thing about getting older is that the more time we spend in these bodies, with our thoughts and behaviors, the better we get to know ourselves. Here's one thing that I have learned about myself: I don't do well with transitions.... Continue Reading

New Years 2.0

School starts a week from today for my two older boys and I think I am almost ready. We have had a really fun, full summer and the cool, breezy morning today is making me look forward to the fall weather. Also, I am craving the return to structure... Continue Reading

It’s a trap!

There's a phrase that I hear a lot of moms say. Maybe you've said it, I know I have. But I am here to warn you, it's a trap. If this phrase reflects a belief that you hold, you are setting yourself up to be stuck where you are. And that phrase is....drumroll.... Continue Reading