“Weight loss journey” pictures make me cringe.

Before and after pictures make me cringe. Since I am a fitnessy type person, my social media feeds are populated with picture of people’s breakfasts and “weight loss journeys”. Ok, I get why people post these things. For accountability, to share and celebrate success. I get it. I think that people start these accounts because they think that it will push them to move toward a weight loss goal if other people are watching them. Or maybe they want to document it for themselves and it’s a convenient way to do it and maybe inspire others along the way.  I Continue Reading

5 Reasons women should lift weights.

Many women focus on cardio because they want to lose fat and burn calories and this is what they think they’re supposed to do. Cardio is part of a well rounded fitness routine. Yes, that’s true. However, if you ask them what their idea body looks like, most women have a toned fit image in their mind. Spoiler alert: this body that you want does not come from cardio alone....... Continue Reading