Stop Making Yourself Miserable (aka my book!) is here!!

You guys, it’s here. 

I began this project last March when I sat down and pounded out everything that has been in my head about women and wellness, how we see our bodies and how we handle our insecurities.

It’s been this abstract thing all along like it’s a private joke between me and my editor and publisher. The words were on the screen but, so what?

Then I received a package in the mail containing my actual paper and ink book-baby.

Then I looked myself up on Amazon and saw that the book, with my name on it, was actually available for purchase.


Right there among all the legit authors. I felt like I had scammed someone. Like any minute I would be discovered and get in trouble with the Amazon police or something.

That’s my actual book with my actual name. It occurred to me that actual people will read this. People who have the ability to leave reviews on Amazon. They can tell me what they think.

And….what if they think I’m wrong and uninformed and the dumbest person to ever think they could string words together.

I freaked out a little. Ok, a lot.

Why did I do this? Why didn’t I just stay here on my little blog that nobody reads so I could spout my own brand of nonsense with no consequence?

I wandered around my house, going about my normal day, asking myself “What was the point of all this? What if people hate it and think I’m an idiot?”

That was fun.

Then I had a conversation with my friend Laura. She was talking about her growing business and said that when she has to make a decision on a course of action she asks herself these questions:

“Is it truthful?”  “Is it meaningful?”  “Is it doable?”

Those questions hit me over the head with their simplicity.

I tend to be an over-complicator and a second-guesser. This is especially true when I do or create something totally from the heart without a whole lot of strategic thought. When I started writing this book, I was not thinking of bestseller lists or millions in royalties. I just wanted to write it all down.

To me, the act of spilling my heart out through my keyboard was truthful, meaningful and doable. That feels right to me.

So, now it’s out there. Maybe nobody will read it. But maybe someone will and it will help them.

That is all I can hope for!

If you want to grab a copy, Stop Making Yourself Miserable is available at Amazon and other online retailers.

And it’s really ok if you don’t write a review. I think if I ever check the page and see that there is a review, I might have a heart attack. Regardless of what it says.

But seriously, let me know what you think!

(Unless you hate it and think I’m an idiot. In which case, please lie.)



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