Brace yourself, it’s Resolution Season!

Resolution season is almost upon us.

As you’re baking holiday cookies and planning family get-togethers, there’s that creep into the back of your mind  – “once the holidays are over, I am going to get back on that diet and exercise wagon….”

Am I wrong?

Every year. In the midst of the frivolity and fun times, there’s that tiny part of you thinking ahead to grey, dull January when it will be time to atone for all your holiday indulgences.

Not at all surprisingly, the Weight Loss Industry KNOWS that you’re making these resolutions.

You don’t get to be a 66 billion dollar industry  – yup, that’s with a B –  by not knowing your customer.

They know that weight loss related goals top the list of most common resolutions year after year.

Cha-ching…….hey, guys, check out these transformation photos! Don’t you want that? Sign up here!

Yeah, so? What’s the big deal?

Maybe losing a few pounds isn’t the worst thing ever and yeah, some help would be nice!

Understandable. The start of a new year is as good a time as any to start a new habit, sure.

And being healthier is certainly a positive thing to strive for.

But beware.

Beware the 6-week challenges and transformation promises.

Beware the cleanses and diets.

Beware even the most positively-packaged wellness plans!

But the most important thing to beware…your own expectations.

What are you hoping to achieve from your new goal? Dig deep and be honest with yourself.

Do you want to honor your body and live an authentically healthy life that you love?

Or are you hoping to manipulate your body into the cultural standard of beauty that you’ve been fed all of your life?

Think about that. Really think about it. It is hard to see the difference because it’s so ingrained, it’s almost unnoticeable.

Anything you want for yourself is 100% okay, as long as it’s authentic. However, the culture will tell you that option B is the only right answer. That striving for this standard is the only acceptable thing that a woman can do.

Stand strong. Only you can decide what is going to be right for you.

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