“Weight loss journey” pictures make me cringe.

Before and after pictures make me cringe.

Since I am a fitnessy type person, my social media feeds are populated with picture of people’s breakfasts and “weight loss journeys”. Ok, I get why people post these things. For accountability, to share and celebrate success. I get it. I think that people start these accounts because they think that it will push them to move toward a weight loss goal if other people are watching them. Or maybe they want to document it for themselves and it’s a convenient way to do it and maybe inspire others along the way.  I don’t fault these people for sharing this part of their life with others. You’re showing the world (or your social media followers anyway) that whatever you’re doing is working for you. Great.

Of course you can post anything you want on your own social media. And if you are proud of what you have accomplished, please brag away! You deserve to do that!

Why does it make me cringe?  Whatever works for you works for you. Whatever works for you doesn’t necessarily work for me. Or for anyone else.

There’s another point of view. That of the person seeing the pictures. Say I am someone who feels bad about my body. Say I see a social media feed full of other people’s “transformations” or “weight loss journeys”. Say I think “I need to find out what they are doing”.

This point is where so many women get tripped up and confused and overwhelmed and end up on the hamster wheel of diet and exercise misery.

I feel bad about my body, that person is on a weight loss journey and she takes supplement X therefore I should get supplement X.

I feel bad about my body, that person who has transformed her body and goes to gym ABC therefore I should go to gym ABC.


It’s never about the supplement or the gym or the trainer or the diet. Never. The answer is never “out there”.

The answer always lies in your own body. The person who made the transformation found the path that was right for her body. At least for the short term. Your job is not to be her. Your job is to be you and find your own path. That starts with getting to know yourself – body and mind – really well and setting your own strategy based on a firm goal that is important to YOU.



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