Fitting it all in, Part 4: Baseball Mom of the Year (or not)

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting about things that I personally do, over the course of my normal busy life, to fit in healthy habits. I am not doing this to show you my awesomeness – although I hope that you do think that I am awesome – but to show you that it’s not always polished or pretty but it is possible!

It’s baseball season. This means that, at least 4 evenings per week, I am spending quality time at the field cheering on one of my boys.

Or, more accurately, I am half watching the boys playing baseball and half watching their little brother play in the sand pile. Because what’s more fun than a big pile of sand, I ask you? 

Evenings are busy and the challenges are many.
Baseball season inconveniently lines up with the end of the school year which is busy in its own right. Getting a healthy dinner into my kids, making sure everyone finishes homework,does their chore and gets to practice on time is enough to deal with.
In addition, our baseball schedule has cut into my own fitness routine. All my favorite classes at the gym happen to fall just at the right time that baseball gets in the way.
(Yeah, I could have looked for other classes at different times. I decided not to do that since I have already blocked off my schedule for other things, but that’s certainly a good option too.)
The weather is getting nicer after a rainy few weeks and I crave outdoor time – and alone time! So, at least half of the nights we’re at the field, I shuffle my baseball mom priorities. When my hubby gets out of work and meets me at the field, I take off for a run through the neighborhood.  I can usually get in a few miles in the span of a couple of innings and Nathan doesn’t even look up from the sand pile.
I get what I need – exercise and a little bit of time for myself.
My kids get what they need – a parent at the game  (the nice one who buys them treats from the snack shack. i.e. not me).
We all still leave the field together when the game is over. I have a sense of accomplishment from my run and I don’t have to push my workout into any other family time.

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