One on One Personal Training
Total Wellness Support based on your schedule, your space, your goals!

Been there, done that….and over it?

You’ve heard of (and tried) lots of fitness programs and diet plans.

You’ve read a bunch of helpful books and articles on healthy living.

You’ve tried (and tried, and tried, and tried some more) and are stuck in discouragement.

Your RESULTS have been anywhere from non-existent to good but NOTHING HAS STUCK.

You’re tired of searching for that NEXT BEST THING because you have a life! (Plus, all of the old “next best things” haven’t felt right to you.)

You wish that living a healthy, balanced lifestyle could just be an effortless habit but it seems ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE because there has always been SOMETHING MISSING.

89% of American women say they are unhappy with their bodies.

But why do so many women STAY in this unhappy camp? It’s not for a lack of trying. Look at all the gyms, workout programs and diets being marketed to you on a daily basis!

Throw on top of that the chaos of raising kids. “Mommy time” often slides down the priority list leading to more overwhelm, burn out and discouragement.

As a mom, I have experienced this myself many times (see the exhausted, plastered on smile in that picture!)

As a Personal Trainer for 7 years, I worked with many moms who were stuck in this cycle of discouragement and negativity, throwing workout after workout, diet plan after diet plan into the mix in the hopes that SOMEDAY they would get to the place of balance and satisfaction.

Does that sound familiar?

True, optimal wellness does not come from another workout or gym membership or diet plan. Wellness comes from a much deeper place.  It begins in the mind and encompasses all areas of life!

You deserve more!

I created my personal training program to be SO MUCH MORE than “eat this, don’t eat that, lift this and run on that because your life is SO MUCH MORE than your minute per mile and your daily calorie intake!

Because you are more than your fitness. You are a whole person (and a pretty great one, at that) and every part of what makes you YOU is important!

My personal training programs address ALL aspect of your wellness and the unique challenges that momlife presents.

This includes mindset, the baggage of past experiences, sleep habits, time management, self-care habits(of course) fitness and nutrition and how ALL of this good stuff ACTUALLY BALANCES with your REAL LIFE.

What’s included in 1 on 1 Training…

Detailed intake questionnaire so that I can tailor our sessions to what you want to achieve for yourself.

Introductory Goal-Setting Skype Call. We’ll talk about your goals, your mindset, where you are now, where you’d like to be (and why) and what to do about it.  Based on this and your questionnaire, I will create your total wellness plan that we will walk through together over the course of our training time.

Weekly Hour Long Workout Session. Via Skype (from anywhere!) or in person (available on a limited schedule within 15 miles of Lowell, MA).

A “Rest of The Week” Fitness Plan based on your schedule. We’ll work your fitness around your changing schedule in a way that turns it into a habit and not just another “to do”.

MomLife Wellness Yummy Food Plan based on the food you love with planning and prepping guidance. Nutrition does not have to be complicated and you never have to feel deprived. “Diet” is a dirty word!

Food, Mood and Movement journal to help you keep track of your daily habits and stay accountable as you begin to treat yourself as a priority!

FREE access to my monthly membership site, MomLife Wellness Academy for as long as you are a paying personal training client. (Regular price is $27/month). This site includes: a weekly live streamed workout, a weekly community support call on a wellness topic, monthly training classes and materials on fitness and wellness themes and numerous templates and resources to make wellness an effortless habit instead of just another thing on your to do list! PLUS an awesome community of like-minded women!

Unlimited feedback and support via email and text while you are a personal training client!

Your Investment for In-Person Training is $397/month*

Your Investment for Online Training via Skype is $297/month

(You can buy as many or as few months as you’d like)

*In-person training is available on a limited basis within 15 miles of Lowell, MA

 Interested? Great!

It’s important to me that we both feel we’re a good fit for each other before we get started. Please click the button below and fill out the short form. I will send you an email and we’ll set up a time to chat!

(Looking for more options? I also offer Partners Training and Small Group Training.)

What people are saying

 “Many years ago, after I had my son, I decided to do something for myself. I had never done any exercising and felt that I was not worthy. I couldn’t even do one sit up! I was so lucky to find Rachel. She changed my life in so many ways. Within a few months, I found myself wanting to exercise! I felt stronger both physically and emotionally. I was not only lifting weights and jumping rope, but I also had more stamina and felt more alive. I was beginning to really enjoy my life with my young son. I was able to keep up and play outside and run around with him. Rachel helped me find the confidence that I never knew that I had. Now I love to sweat and workout out really hard and I am planking like a pro!”

— Jennifer H.

“After having 2 kids and being 100 pounds over weight, I had no confidence to even know where to start. I did what I could on my own but I knew I needed help.  Rachel worked with me to get back my confidence and to push me to do more than I thought I could. As I work with Rachel to continue to my goal, she challenges me to think about things that I couldn’t get elsewhere. She provides ideas for ways to move and to change it up a bit. She is also a positive influence on making good choices, celebrating successes and learning from failures. Rachel has taught me a lot and I am very lucky to have found her when I did.” 

— Theresa C.

Not sure this program is right for you?

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Please note that all materials and programs are for educational purposes only. These materials and programs do not constitute therapy and they are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure a medical or emotional condition nor are they a substitute for professional medical advice.